Sex, Drugs & Hospitality

​Sex, Drugs & Hospitality is the 1st of its kind. A feature length documentary that tells a story from the service industry's point of view. We will show you all of those things that hit a little too close to home; from Pet Peeves to perks, to all the realities that come with working in the industry. Moral of the story: we believe everyone should work AT LEAST one shift in the industry and the world would be a much nicer place.

Sex, Drugs & Hospitality gives you an in depth look at the realities of working in the service industry; front of house, back of house, behind the Bar, and behind the scenes. Find out why over 50 million (US) Americans (19 million Europeans) have at one point or another chosen this life of servitude while we dive into what goes on after last call.

Sneak Peak of Sex, Drugs & Hospitality

Do you think everyone should work AT LEAST one shift in the service industry?

**** Filming Update! ****

We have officially commenced filming for Sex, Drugs & Hospitality in London! Follow is on social media for up-to-date Posts, Pubs, & Pints!

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